nuff said, watch it. If you “like” the video on vimeo you could win a free tshirt!!!!




Drift Union Online Video Premier

I had a hand in filming a bunch of the video, and also there is a solid cressy burnout in it (me) haha. The video is currently locked because it’s an online premier, It will be unlocked tomorrow (saturday Mar 11/11) at 5pm pst. If the video can get 200 “likes” by 5pm March 19th on Vimeo, a will draw from those people will be held to give away two Tee shirts and a few stickers.
Here is a link to the video page, and remember that it doesn’t go live until 5pm on saturday march 11.
hope you guys enjoy!

Keepin’ Busy.

And this is only half the shop! (Photo: Logan Noel, Drift Union)

The Drift Union 2010 video premier happened this weekend at Four Function Autosport. Shit was off the hook! Mad props to Calle and Dave at FFA for hosting the video at their open house and big thanks to everyone else who was involved in making the night run smooth! Vancouver Premier is this weekend (March 6th)  at Neptune D, so come out if you missed the Kelowna premier!

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New Whip

So the cressida  missile sedan daily picked up a VI, it has since been parted out. It will be missed. I picked up a jetta to pass the time with but the boring auto fwd combo got to me very quickly. Got a good deal on this bad boy:

s13 lol

don’t mind that front wheel. control arm needs to be replaced.


The car is a p.o.s. overall but its got a kit, a welded diff, and neonnnnnnn broooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

waddup ladiesssss

Taking pictures like a Boss.


Go Here. Read that. Only takes a few seconds. I feel like it applies to all sports. Think about why you started riding a bike, or skateboarding, or drifting, or whatever you do. You did it for fun. That should always apply. There is way too many haters these days.


I got pulled over the other night in the missile sedan for a broken taillight (curtesy of our late night snow adventures/bumper cars). Madame Police officer felt my car was a tad too beat up and issued me a box 2 VI. It will not pass an inspection. I now have less than a month to enjoy destroying my car.

also, fuck watermarking shit. I’m too goddamn lazy.

The world just lost a lot of moustaches…

Another Movember has come and gone. I got some solid growth for one month. Strongly considering not shaving until next Movember to see how long it can get lol.